Faith Christian Fellowship



January 24, 2021


Moderator – Levi Martin

Song Leader – Jeriah Miller

Dismissal of Children’s SS – SS Coordinator

Sunday School Lesson: Exodus 40:16-38

“Moses’ Obedience and God’s Glory”

Adult/Youth SS – Jerry Kauffman

Children’s Flannelgraph/Singing – Ellen K., Kate S.




Offering Today – Building Fund

Offering Next Sunday – Missions





Devotions/Sharing Time – Steve Stoltzfus

 Meditation – David Swartzentruber



Announcements/Benediction – Alex Martin


Attendance Today _____

Offering Today_______










Happy Birthday! – Betty Weaver - today

                              Janessa Miller – Jan. 25

                              Kaitlyn Miller – Jan. 29

                              Jo Ann Stoltzfus – Jan. 29



Youth News – Parent Appreciation Banquet – Fri., Jan. 29, 6:30, at the church.



Ladies’ Prayer Circle – Wed., Jan. 27, 8:30-9:30.




Business Meeting results:

 New Elder - Gary Smith, 3 yr term.

 Men's Workday - Sat, Feb. 6, to begin foyer renovation.

 Reminder - Please contact our church PR person (Kathy Miller) to schedule church use before using.














Next Sunday, Praise and Worship January 31:

Moderator – Justin Smith

Song Leader – Jerry Kauffman

Praise & Worship Leader – James Miller

Sunday School Lesson: Hebrews 1:1-14 ‘Introduction to Hebrews’

Adult/Youth SS – Gary Smith

Note: No 20/20 for the ladies due to ‘Intro to Hebrews’


Fellowship Meal Today: Servers: Gary Smiths, Nelson Gingerichs, Sr., Seth Hackmans, Jerry Kauffmans

Hostess Next Sunday – Betty Weaver


Greeters Today – Elmer Beilers

Greeters Next Sunday –  Eli Burkholders