Faith Christian Fellowship


 July 21, 2024


Moderator – Darrin Horst

Song Leader – James Miller

Dismissal of Children’s SS – SS Coordinator

Sunday School Lesson – 11 Peter 3:1-9

Men’s SS – Jerry Kauffman

Ladies’ SS – Class 1: Dawn Hahn  Class 2: Ashley Hackman

Youth SS – Kevin Hahn




Offering Today – Building Fund

Offering Next Sunday – Building Fund




Devotions/Sharing Time – Matt Miller

Meditation – Dave Weaver Sr.




Announcements/Benediction – Darrin Horst


Attendance Today _____

Offering Today   _______









Happy Birthday!  Blake Yoder – July 22

                            Zendaya Gingerich – July 24

                             Andrew Burkholder – July 24

                             Archer Horst – July 26


Happy Anniversary!  Derek & Shivani Burkholder – July 25



Ladies’ Prayer Circle – Wed., July 24, 8:30-9:30.







We would like to thank each one for praying during Marlene’s surgery and recovery. Also, would like to bless each lady that brought meals in over that time. They were greatly appreciated. And the beautiful bouquet of flowers from church. Thanks, and God bless you all. Levi, Marlene and family.









Next Sunday, July 28:

Moderator – Hiram Gingerich

Song Leader – Nelson Gingerich Jr.

Devotion /Sharing Time – Dustin Hahn

Meditation – Nelson Gingerich Sr.

Sunday School Lesson – 11 Peter 3:10-18

Adult/Youth SS – Kevin Hahn

Children’s Flannelgraph /Singing -


Hostess Today – Mari Weaver

Fellowship Meal Next Sunday – Servers:Eli Burkholders, Ellen Miller, James Millers, Jay Miller, Matt Millers


Greeters Today – Katie Eicher & Nancy Nissley

Greeters Next Sunday – Jasper Gingerichs